Do you ship worldwide? How much is the total cost?

Yes, shipping worldwide. Shipping cost is 16 euro worldwide.

Delivery timings?

Usually 7 days, no more than 15 days. We ship immediately after the order! No production time, Footblaster is always in stock!

Warranty of FOOTBLASTER?

We offer 1 year warranty. If product stops working we replace with new one! No problem. Warranty not works if product looks badly treated or deep scratched or sensor looks roughly torn/ripped.

Do you offer a free trial? Satisfied or Refunded?

Yes, our policy is 15 days “no questions asked” refund policy starting from the day of delivery to make your purchase confidant.

Is FOOT BLASTER compatible with my pedal?

Footblaster works with all pedals with base under the footboard, nothing else! If your pedal is not in the list just send us an email and we check if your pedal is compatible! Compatible models:
Pearl: P-3000D Demon Drive, P-3002D Demon Drive, P-3002DL Demon Drive, P-3000C Demon Drive, P3002C Demon Drive, P3002CL Demon Drive, P-2000C Eliminator, P-2002C Eliminator, P-2002CL Eliminator, P-2000B Eliminator, P-2002B Eliminator, P-2002BL Eliminator, P2050C Redline, P2052C Redline, P2052CL Redline, P2050B Redline, P2052B Redline, P2052BL Redline, P-930, P-932, P-932L. Tama: Speed Cobra, Iron Cobra 900, Iron Cobra 600, Iron Cobra 200 Czarcie Kopyto Axis: AXIS A & X PEDALS and Signature edition pedals: DEREK RODDY, GEORGE KOLLIAS, ALFRED BERENGENA, AXIS CALIBER X, A21 LASER PEDALS, SABRE A21 PEDALS Trick: P1VBF2, P1VBF2-BW, P1VBF2C, P1VBF1, P1VBF1C, P1V2, P1V2C, P1V1, P1V1C DW: DW MFG, 9000, 7000, 5000, 3000, 2000 Mapex: Falcon, Armory, Mars, Raptor Yamaha: DFP9500D, DFP9500C, DFP9500CL, DFP8500C, FP9500D, FP9500C,FP8500C Sonor: Giant Step Single, Double and Middle Pedal, SP 673, DP 672, SP 473, DP 472, Perfect Balance by Jojo Mayer ACD Darwin Drum Pedals Gibraltar: 5711S, 6711S, 6711DB Millenium: PD-669 Stage Natal: STANDARD SERIES and PRO SERIES Ahead: MACH 1 APSP, APSP-QT, APDP, APDP-QT

It works with double strokes technique?

Footblaster works WONDERFUL with double strokes also with very high speed (over 300bpm)

Can the triggers play straight through PC without drum module?

Yes, you need to use trigger app, such as Drumagog® or similar and 2 channels audio card.

What cable should i use to connect FOOTBLASTER to my drum module?

6,3mm mono jack.

Is the pedal movement modified by installing FOOT BLASTER?

FOOT BLASTER doesn't change pedal movement at all.

Can FOOT BLASTER reproduce dynamics of strokes? Weak strokes and power strokes?

Yes, FOOT BLASTER has a very wide range of dynamics transmitting weak and stronger signals perfectly.

May i modify my pedal to install FOOT BLASTER?

No! FOOT BLASTER is plug and play! You don't need to dismount your pedal or touch any screw. Nothing!

May i need to change FOOT BLASTER if i change pedal model?

No! FOOT BLASTER is REAL universal. Just detach from old pedal and install to new pedal!

Is FOOT BLASTER compatible with my drum module?

FOOT BLASTER works with ALL drum modules. Some brands: Roland, Yamaha, Alesis, Ddrum.